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Happy 31st Birthday Lupita Nyong’o! (March 1st, 1983)

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Herieth Noela at the fitting for Zac Posen fall 2014 rtw 

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Pyrography or Pyrogravur is a special artform of decorating wood with  other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object such as a poker. It is also known as pokerwork or wood burning. It is similar to Tattoos, you can create shades and tones while rasing the pressure on the wood as on the skin. The harder the pressure is the better is the contrast and the more black you give it. Mostly this is made with an iron, but we have seen artworks that are made with a hot calligraphy feather. The process of wood burning and decorating is very old and goes back to the first human in Africa and Egypt. While we got some nice inspiration from lucybuddresearch a fan of us, we had to look for more. This is the small collection of the best pieces that we found. Enjoy it!

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So I needed some inspiration and desided to do the 30 day monster girl challenge. But ended up coming up with an idea of a human school teacher running a school where somehow only “monster” girls end up attending. and then i did them all in 4 days. but they are all there.

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One of the most iconic black sitcom scenes ever!

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